I am excited to be able to blog again about my favorite music.  The Sounds of Sunday feature actually started out on my MySpace page .. you know … back in the golden oldie days of the late 90’s before blogging became THE THING to do …. way back before Facebook existed.  I loved that idea MySpace had to feature bands .. and music … and create playlists of all our favorite songs.  New indie bands would reach out to the MySpace community, and I thought what a great way to help these new artists out by doing a little brief post about the songs I liked best off their album.

Now there are so many opportunities and outlets for musicians to share their work – but sometimes they’re still not heard.   Which is why I love to share my favorites … just one more chance to make others fall in love with the sounds that I enjoy.

Here I will index all the Sounds of Sunday blog postings – to make it easy for others to find.  So you can see the progression of my own likes and dislikes.  Who knew that Hermits were so narcissistic?    {me!  me!  me!}   Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on each song – feel free to comment on each post!

Sounds Of Sunday Reverse Chronological Index:

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