Sounds of Sunday: Three for the Price of One


There are three Rock songs that have been running around in my head all week.  I don’t think I can pick just one of them to feature this week, so I’m going to share all three of them here in Sounds of Sunday.   A little more ROCK than my usual Alternative picks, so don’t be too surprised!

This song by Alter Bridge was actually released in October of 2007.  I was just surprised to learn the band hails from Orlando, FL, and was formed by former members of Creed!  It explains why I love this song so much.  I heard it for the first time last week, thought nothing of it till I was visited by a murder of Crows (or Black Birds) yesterday afternoon.  Then of course superstitious me had to hear the song again.   I live by a rather large lake in a treed area, and what seemed to be a hundred black birds descended on the neighborhood for their afternoon meal.  It was an amazing site, and sound!    This song is a wish of healing, to carry on after being broken, to fly away home.   It kind of speaks to me.

Sounds of Sunday pick #1:  Blackbird by Alter Bridge


Next up in our tri-fecta is the newest release by James Bay, from his debut album Chaos and Calm.  This man .. my god his voice!   And you know how I feel about singer song writers.   This song is so sad … once again about broken relationships.   Bay is an English artist, but he recorded this debut album in Nashville.  It does have a blusie sort of feel to it, there’s definitely some soul behind the lyrics.   I could listen to this one on repeat all day.   “Why don’t you be you and I’ll be me” …

Sounds of Sunday Pick #2:   Let It Go by James Bay


Finally, the newcomer to the bunch, Meg Myers.   This is my favorite of the three … so filled with passion, anger and emotion.  This is the song that has literally been stuck in my head for a week … I go to bed with it playing over and over .. and wake up to the same.   Haven’t we all wished to have that baseball bat in our hands at one point in life?

Sounds of Sunday Pick #3:   Meg Myers with Sorry.

Sounds of Sunday: The Head and the Heart


theheadandtheheart-splashI’ve been listening to a LOT of Sirius XM The Pulse this week, and was fortunate enough to catch a new feature they are doing with Pat Monahan from the band Train, called “Train Tracks”.  He’s taking over the station for an hour each week and playing some emerging bands – and you guys know there is nothing more that I love than BRAND NEW music.   I should really start to hunt out some Indie stations online so I can hear more.  I’m not so sure how “new” this band it, but it’s certainly not a band I’ve heard before.   I just fell in love with this song right away and knew I’d want to feature them on the blog this week.

The Head and the Heart are an indie band out of Seattle, WA.  I should have know this right off, as the best bands these days are hailing from the Pacific Northwest it seems.  Their first album came out in 2011 titled after the band, and the second in 2013 called “Let’s Be Still”.  The song I am featuring this week is the title song from the 2013 album.  It has a gentle folkise sound, and reminds us to slow down in life every once in awhile and just BE.   After this long stressful month I’ve had it was a much needed reminder at that!  Haha!

I don’t know what it is about this band … the lead vocals just get to me.   It kind of has a 60’s vibe .. but it’s modern at the same time.  I dunno .. maybe I should just let the song speak for itself this week and let you guys decide.  Yet another fantastic band to keep an eye on …

This week’s Sounds of Sunday featured song, “Let’s Be Still” by The Head and the Heart.


PS – stay and listen to more of their videos on YouTube after this one.  My God is this band so good!!!

Sounds of Sunday: The Rua


I’m always super excited to discover new bands, and hearing The Rua for the first time was no exception.  I’m so happy with the direction music is taking this year.  Perhaps it’s been growing over the past few years, but it’s REAL music. None of those divaesque auto-tune singers.  But real honest to god talent with stories to tell.

The Rua is a young band out of Windsor, England.   They are pretty cute on their website pointing out all of the many Windsor’s around the world, and almost apologetic in the fact they are English.  But gosh don’t you miss British Bands, and the whole BBC sound?  This band reminds me of those early days when British Bands ruled the world.  There’s a lot of energy in their songs, and a lot of promise.

The first release from the album is titled “Fight For What’s Right” – I was first drawn to the song because it was relevant to what was going on in my own life at the moment.  But the more I listen to the song, the more I love it.  I love the use of the orchestra in the background .. it’s great when bands add that layer of depth to their songs.    This one is most certainly the best from the album – and an excellent introduction of the band to the music world.

There are several other great songs on the album, so I’ve picked my favorite to feature this week.  You’ve probably already heard “Fight For What’s Right”, so why not share another potential hit and let you decide for yourself if the band is worthy … knowing that I believe they are!   And it’s not just because they friended me on Twitter first 😉  This is a live version, so you can hear their sound is genuine!

This Week’s Sounds of Sunday Pick – Without You by The Rua