Started to Dream

I thought I knew what I wanted

then you came along

dancing in and out of my dreams

the wishes that the soul makes subconsciously

when you are sound asleep

the desires and the fears

they all come to life when your eyes close

You said not to listen to the music

they’re just songs, they don’t mean anything

but then they sing the same sounds

that my heart makes in the dreams

its difficult not to listen

they confuse me

I thought I knew what I wanted and then

I started to dream


Crash Landing

Awoken from a dream

heart beating

tears flowing

and so filled with HATE.

Night terror to the extreme.

I never wanted to feel this way.

The music blares and I’ve crash landed.

I am here alone and betrayed.



It’s funny how the head knows before the heart.
That things are slowly ending.
You try to convince yourself things will work out.
But a broken heart is impending.
You plan the “talk” in your heard,
but no matter what you say, or do, or wish
Someone is going to get hurt.
You both hurt.
Continuing when you know the end is near
is a worse fate than uttering the words.
But the words are fatal.
Do you dare say what your head knows?
Or do you hang on to the last embers of hope
that linger in your heart?