Reaching Just Beyond …


05-09 BluebellsAudio:

On the edge of the creek and through the tress is the place Just Beyond.   It’s one of Clara’s favorite places for adventures.   Her mother had planted Blue Bells years ago, and they now carpet the floor of the forest, creating the illusion of a vast sea of color.   The light is dappled here, filtered and dancing when the breeze hits the tree branches.  In the afternoon the light is a golden glow.   Moss gross on the north side of the trees, creating a cushioned ground to lay upon and daydream.  There’s mushrooms, ivy and ferns growing amidst the trees as well.

Small creatures call this place home.  You can often find frogs and toads hopping on dead logs, with all sorts of creepy crawlies to snack on.  The birds fill the forest with songs, as they float from tree to tree.  Squirrels are busy stocking up on fallen tree nuts and berries for the long winter ahead.   Clara once chased the pesky rabbits from the garden, hopping across stones at the creek, and deep in to Just Beyond.   Her mom is always telling her to be wary of the sly fox, as shes seen him slinking around the edges of the forest.  Clara would love a glimpse of that fiery red bushy tail!   Just once.

Just Beyond is the perfect place for the imagination to run wild.  One day it could be a Castle with a Princess awaiting her true love.  The next, the center for scientific research into the reasons why slugs leave behind a slimy trail.  But Clara and her friends have yet to realize that Just Beyond is so much more than their imaginations can fathom.  There’s a prankster hiding in the shadows of the trees, waiting for new friends to laugh with.   And his world in Just Beyond is filled with wonders.

Anna and Nicholas.. the bestest of friends you’ll ever have!



Annie’s not your average little girl.  She’s a rough and tumble tomboy who is skeptical of anything out of the ordinary.  Long blond hair, a face filled with brown freckles, and the most gorgeous blue eyes you’ll ever see.   Her passion is lacrosse, and you rarely see her out of her tartan uniform skirt or without her stick.  Her socks are mismatched, and almost always fighting gravity.  She’s constantly pulling them up to be sure she stays in “regulation”.    Annie is loyal to her two friends without fault.  When adversaries attempt to break this tight knit group apart, Annie is the one to stand solid in her convictions and never doubt her friends.

wpid-img_20150814_185039.jpgNicholas is a charming rouge.  The girls first meet him as he’s wandering along the creek on his way home from his private school.  His shaggy hair is unkempt, shirt half out of his pants, and his hands tucked in his pockets.  He has a sheepish grin on his face as he meets the girls, and a brand new shiner surrounding his eye.  Annie is the brave one to ask “how’s the other guy look” which sends Nick in to a fit of laughter.  Nicholas is somewhat the class clown and has a passion for music.  If you listen carefully you’ll hear him whistling when he’s happiest, not even aware he’s doing it.   Nick lives to make other people laugh, and it is only every once in awhile he lets his guard down and you see a slight sadness behind his eyes.  Clara and Annie are the two people he counts on most in the world, and he’ll defend them fiercely in their adventures.

The three friends make an odd team of misfits, but they are, as Clara likes to say, “The bestest of friends you’ll ever have!


please keep in mind I am not an artist!  The sketches just help me picture the characters better.