My friend Fire Fighter Harold drove the great big fire trucks!  He was responsible for all of the hoses on the truck, and making sure all of the other firemen had enough water to fight the fires.  He was also in charge of all of the ladders on the truck.

When Fire fighter Harold was brand new on the job, a call came in to the fire station one day that someone needed to be rescued from a tree!   So all of the firemen slid down the pole, changed into their gear, and jumped onto the truck.  Firefighter Harold was at the wheel, and turned on the lights and sirens.


As they were driving to the house the dispatcher called in more details, and it turns out the someone who needed to be rescued wasn’t a person … but a very scared kitty cat!  He had climbed to the middle of a very tall tree and his family couldn’t get him to come down.

When they arrived at the house, the other fire fighters decided Harold should be the one to rescue the cat, since he was the new guy.  So he placed his very tallest ladder against the tree and he climbed up … and UP …   AND UP!!!!!

When he reached the kitty cat, he very gently reached over to scoop him up … and the cat got frightened and climbed even higher!!   So Harold climbed up … and up … AND UP!

And again, when he reached over that darn kitty cat got scared again and ran all the way up to the tippy top of the tree!  Fire Fighter Harold had no choice but to follow.

FINALLY … Fire Fighter Harold got to the top of the tree … and when he looked around he could see all of the roofs of the houses, and all the way down the street,  and he could even see the fire station way off in the distance.  He thought he was so high he could touch the clouds!

He reached over to scoop up the kitty cat one last time, and wouldn’t you know it, that silly cat ran ALL THE WAY down the tree, and jumped up in to the arms of his family.

The other fire fighters were laughing as Harold made the climb down the ladder.  While he was very happy that the cat was rescued, Harold swore from that day forward he would never try and rescue a cat from a tree.  Because they almost ALWAYS come down on their own and find their way home.

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