a-rustling-bushAudio: https://soundcloud.com/jaci-willoughby/a-rustling-bush

Annie came skipping down the road to join Clara, fresh from Lacrosse practice and ready for some fun. Off they went, hop hop hop from stone to stone across the creek. A quick stop at the reeds to check for freshly laid frog eggs and tadpole, and Clara scooped up water in to a jelly jar she grabbed from the porch. There was a rustling of branches just behind them startling the girls, and they stood quickly. A Blue Jay flew from the forest and a squirrel scampered deeper in to the woods. Clara slowly tip toed towards the bushes where the noise had come from, and found two eyes peering from within!

Nicholas jumped out with a “BOO!” that had the girls screaming and running away! Nicholas couldn’t stop laughing. The girls quickly turned around and joined in the luaghter, but when Nick stood up all laughter stopped! There he was with scraped knees, his shirt pulled out from his shorts, the sleeve of his uniform jacket torn, and a nice new shiner starting to form at his right eye.

“Oh Nick, what have you gotten yourself in to THIS time,” scolded Clara. While Annie giggled slightly and asked, “What’s the other guy look like?”

Nick gave a slight shrug, an impish smile and replied, “WELLLllllll .. it was just one of those things…” Clara shook her head, and the three of them started down the forest path chatting away. Clara reminded everyone that they weren’t supposed to go too far in … they were there to pick wild flowers for her mom and THAT’S ALL!

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