b60e8146844cfc35b9917ddb2fd1f9beApparently today is the day we’re supposed to get mushy and sappy and say all the things we are Thankful for in life.  I don’t do that often enough – it’s too difficult to tear the wall down enough to let people know how I feel about them.  But I do want to share what I am most grateful for this past year.

I am grateful to you Bob – even though our friendship didn’t end the way either of us had hoped – you taught me that I am capable of loving someone again.  You helped tear down some of that wall and allowed me to find happiness in unexpected ways.  You helped grow my knowledge and appreciation for music.  The lessons learned with you are invaluable and I’ll carry them with me for a lifetime.  I want nothing but the best for you in life, and I hope that you too can find your happiness

I am grateful to my two business partners and the fantastic Career Opportunity they have handed me.  I have grown more confident in my own abilities this past year, and feel empowered to do great things.   By allowing me the freedom to do things on my own – I’ve learned so much.  You gave me that little push I needed to take my Real Estate exam – and while it remains inactive for now – I know I have the ability to make it in Real Estate for the long haul.   I am looking forward to the coming year and watching the team grow by leaps and bounds!  The potential is there … we can all see it.  Let’s soar in 2016!

I am thankful for my family – as always – for showing Grace and Strength the past year following the loss of my Daddy dearest – who I miss so much.  My mother has shown incredible bravery as she faces her own medical issues, while having to sell her home and start over in life.  And I am enjoying watching my son find his wings and build his own life.

Finally , I am thankful for finding my true happiness during a crazy Reunion Cruise.  I don’t think any of us can explain the bond that grew during those 5 days .. we just all clicked so well together.  Debbie C – my life long best friend.  All of my love to you.   Debbie F and Robin … I am so glad we had the opportunity to get to know each other better as adults.  Your smiles and humor get me through the roughest days.  Gary – you are the heart of our little group.  Please find your way home to us soon.

And to Harold …  you already know how I feel.   Your visit to Orlando surprised and confused me a bit – but I was so happy to have spent that time talking with you one-on-one.  I know without a doubt you are meant to be part of my life.  We’re going to be great friends.

I am so looking forward to the year ahead with each of you – and can’t wait till our next adventure together!


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