It’s difficult to explain to other people the bonds that were created while we were on our Cruise in October.  My friends and I have been discussing how quickly our friendships grew that week.  How some of us seemed to pick right back up from where we left off in High School .. others formed new friendships right away.  Our group dynamic is incredible .. and I hate to relate it back to my college degree .. but this rapid group assimilation is something beyond what we studied during my interpersonal communication classes!   I am going to be a bit sappy during this blog .. I can tell already as the tears are so close to the surface already.

Before the cruise I have felt lost.  I was wandering around searching for SOMETHING .. and finding all the wrong relationships in the wrong places.  I don’t think I knew what it meat to be someones friend because I’ve been a hermit for so long.  But now I do.  I know that this group of friends means more to me than anything other than my son .. and I would do ANYTHING to make sure they remain happy and safe in life.  Everything the past month has just clicked in to place exactly where it was meant to.  Everything seems right in the world. Well .. almost everything.  I have to do some serious thinking about how my life has changed .. and what direction I want it to go in now.

One of my cruise buddies paid a visit to me this past weekend.  I was SOOOOOOO surprised!  I typically sleep a little later on Sunday mornings – but my phone was DING DING DINGing … all these facebook messages were coming in.   He had flown on the Red Eye from a business meeting in LA to Orlando – instead of flying straight home.  We spent all of Sunday hanging out at Disney Springs and Universal City Walk .. a lunch .. a drink .. and dinner.  Then Dinner on Monday night and lunch again on Tuesday before he flew home.  It was so great to just sit comfortably and talk about life with a good friend.  No judgement .. simple support and a desire to get to know each other better.   It was VERY difficult for me to say Good Bye to him when he dropped me off at work Tuesday afternoon.  Had to walk away quickly before he saw the tears in my eyes.  And he doesn’t need to know those tears lingered there the rest of the day!  I never do well with good byes .. there have been too many.

The group has plans to get together in March – which seems so very far away.  It’s a long weekend right out of the show Friends – plans at a Beach House to sit, share and laugh with each other. Enjoy the company, the food and the adult beverages!!  It gives us all something to look forward to.  I’m getting my house in order so that I can host them here as they visit.   I hope they all come down for a long weekend – so we can each bond a little more one on one.  I hope to fly up to Virginia too – either the Beach or up to the Mountains – whatever works out best.   I only wish I had more vacation days!  Then January 2017 the BIG CRUISE EVENT.  I don’t believe we planned another cruise over a year ahead of time .. but again .. it gives us something to look forward too.  And gives me a timeline to get as healthy as possible so I can fully enjoy ALL the fun things the ship offers.  I need to get my butt back on track!

I’ve been sharing a lot on my Facebook page these quotes from a relationship page.  The quotes are all pretty meaningful to me, or they relate to a friend, or they are simple things we all need to remember when it comes to friendships and relationships.  My mom was getting a bit concerned about my mental health there for a little while.  I’m just in a place right now where I’m examining what it is I want out of life .. out of a romantic relationship .. and out of a friendly relationship.  I know I’m posting a lot of quotes .. but don’t worry.  I just find what is being said to be very profound and I want to remember what I’ve read.  We could all learn how to love one another a little better -don’t you think?

It’s that time of year where we all start talking about the things we are most thankful for in life.  This year I am so thankful I planned the Class Reunion Cruise.  That I rediscovered my friends on the balcony of a cruise ship, sipping wine and wishing on flying fish.  For staying in touch with those friends daily.  For making plans to remain in  each others lives, and taking trips.   I’m thankful for the understanding that some friendships don’t need to be labeled and are allowed to grow naturally.  I’m so very thankful for surprise visits and promises of more trips down here to my home.   I am most thankful for all of you my very dear friends.  You’ve saved me in ways you’ll never know.


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