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I keep seeing Facebook posts today that tell you to walk away from people who don’t fit your ideal.  To give up.  That you can’t go back to the person who broke you.

But I don’t believe that.

I think you’re a coward for simply giving up

I think you have to fight a little bit for the people that  matter to you.  If you can’t fight for the relationship – whether it be friendship or love or whatever – then perhaps that person didn’t really matter to you in the first place?

I refuse to simply walk away from the people who have come in to my life – they have all mattered to me.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have been in my life in the first place.  If I tell you that I care for you, that you are my friend, that I love you … then you are going to live within my heart forever.   You were a part of my life for a reason.  Why would I ever give up on you?

Simple as that.

I’m not going to simply disappear.  I’m not going to walk away.   I’m going to ask you how you’re doing, and hope that you’re happy.  I’m going to help celebrate your victories, and hold you up when life gets tough.

I’m going to hold you in my heart for eternity – so deal with it.

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