d6031e647e29d84c0a058110e4de80ffI had a short conversation the other day with a gentleman regarding  the old fashioned notion of chivalry.  You know .. the holding open of doors for a lady and helping her in to her chair.  He was surprised when young women would snap at him that they could open the door for themselves.  We agreed that sort of reaction was just plain old RUDE!   Don’t get me wrong.  I wholeheartedly believe in feminism … and am all about girl power and equality for women.  Especially with an election year coming up, as a woman I have to fight for my rights!  I deserve equal pay and the right to control what happens to my body.   I am all about the empowerment of women!

BUT …..

I am an old fashioned romantic at heart.  I truly am.  I LOVE when a man treats me like a lady.  I smile big whenever a door is held open for me.  I look forward to those courting moments when dating.  I believe that the man should always make the first move, and ask for that first date.   A single red rose melts my heart in to a puddle.  And holding hands …. boy oh boy … that’s like winning the lottery!

I don’t understand why we can’t have both the Chivalry AND the empowerment?

When I do make that first move … when I’m the first one to express how I feel in a relationship .. its only after weeks of contemplation and building up the courage to utter the words  “I like you .. do you like me?”   As in most things, I over think every moment and I generally blurt out all the wrong things.  And it becomes just one big disaster.  It’s basically a final act of desperation because I’ve run out of patience and need to know where I stand before investing any more of my heart and mind to that individual.  ARGH!!!

This is why I prefer it when the man just makes the first move.  No move = no interest = no confusion.   These days though, no move could mean the man is just waiting for YOU to make the first move … because he doesn’t want to disrespect you.    I mean .. how does the modern feminist handle the beginnings of a new relationship?   I don’t get it.  Dating was difficult enough back in high school  How am I supposed to figure out a mature relationship in a modern world when I have NO experience with dating?  And now I’m supposed to be empowered enough to ask a man out on a date – and strong enough to walk away from the rejection?  I don’t know if this whole modern feminist dating thing is even worth it.

At least with a cat you know where you stand all the time!  You feed it, you change it’s litter box, you love it when it lets you .. NO PROBLEM.

Look for a future blog post titled ... "what's up with the Friend Zone?"
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