How do you even begin to sum up the Vacation of a lifetime?  How can you put in to words all of the experiences, and fun, and emotion found with your now closest friends?  It seems so impossible.   I don’t think I could ever capture what this past week has meant to me.  Saying it was incredible isn’t enough.  I felt that I finally found where I belong .. that’s so crazy.

Class Reunion week has come and gone.  We are all recovering from the week long party, and feeling a bit blue to have to go back to reality tomorrow.  It all started last Friday with the Homecoming Football Game at Green Run High School.  The Class of 1985 was represented well … and the Stallions DOMINATED the football game winning by a landslide.   We cheered the team, we applauded the marching band, and even gave a  few props to the Cheer Squad.  BUT it was the large Black Stallion statue … with essential parts missing … that was driven by the field after every goal that left us laughing in stitches.  And so the week of hilarity began!

Saturday morning we woke up and headed over to the High School for a tour.  How strange it was to walk along the hallways to see that nothing had changed … but everything had changed.  Peeking in the Chorus and Band rooms to see our trophies still displayed proudly in the cases brought a few tears to my eyes.  We sought out our favorite teachers classrooms, and reminisced on lunch time antics.  The student body was decorating for the Homecoming Dance, and we stole a few photos posing at the Homecoming Backdrop.  Afterwards we test drove cars from the local Ford Dealership in an effort to help raise funds for the Athletics department.  At $30 per test drive, I think the Class of 1985 did their part!

Saturday night was our Invasion at Lendy’s!  This was the BIG party where we invited all classes to participate in the fun.  Oh my gosh, we had so much fun.  Up to this point in time I had only been truly drunk  twice in my life … at the end of Saturday night we were up to THREE.   When you make friends with the bartender, as the night goes on your drinks get just a little stronger!  We mingled with classmates, danced, and raffled off a few prizes for our Fund Raiser for the Music and Theater Programs at the school.  I hugged people asking .. “please remind me of your name and class?”  Some had changed a LOT .. others you just knew right away!  It was crazy to find out who had crushes on whom in school, and hear how the popular kids didn’t think of themselves as popular.  As adults we all looked back and discovered we were really just all the same.  Insecure scared kids just trying to figure out what to be when we grew up.

After that last martini, I found myself sitting on the curb outside Lendy’s begging to go home!  We called our designated drivers … made a train and headed back to my Best friends mothers home.  I was so thankful for my other good friend for holding my hand during the car ride!  His presence made me feel a bit safer.  They helped walk me in to the house, settled me down in bed, and I was soon snoozing away and dreaming of good friends, good music, and holding a strong safe hand.

Sunday was a very much needed day of recovery.  I don’t think we crawled out of bed till closer to Noon.  My BFF and I headed over to a local rehabilitation center to visit a friend with some serious medical issues.  It was FANTASTIC to see him!  We brought over a few items from the Homecoming game and talked to him about the party and friends at the Lendy’s Invasion the night before.   We had planned a day at the Beach for our classmates, but the temps had dropped in to the 60’s so we set up an impromptu Bowling Game instead.  Having not bowled in …. 30 years … and still being slightly hungover … I thought I did pretty good with my scores of 48 … 90 .. and 89.    Don’t laugh!  I didn’t even use the bumpers!   An early night for all, we headed back home to do some last minute packing for the cruise!

Monday morning came, we got the word that the ship had pulled in to port, and we headed off to the cruise terminal!!!   Oh my gosh … we were so excited!   I’ll relay all the fun and antics we had on board in a post tomorrow night.  STAY TUNED!!!

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