They say when one door closes, another one opens.   I guess I’ve had a lot of doors close behind me!  Life sometimes is just cruel.   All those optimists out there will keep on telling you to “cheer up” and that “life is good” … that you have to have a positive outlook in order to live a positive life.  But I am here to tell you that .. NO .. life is not always good.  Life can be mean, and cruel, and messy, and sad.  AND THAT IS OK !!!

Because without the mean and cruel and messy and sad bits – how can you ever learn to appreciate all of the GOOD when it happens?

I’ve been very fortunate in life too … I really have.  I have had that Fairy Tale once in a lifetime sort of love.  I have a fantastic career that I am good at.  I have a nice little house that I adore (just not in the neighborhood I want – but I can’t complain).  And I am getting ready to embark on a fantastic adventure with some good friends.  LIFE IS GOOD … on the surface.   My heart hurts a bit … I’m tired of being so alone all of the time … but overall I think I am on that path towards finding my Happily Ever After.

I’m so looking forward to that WIDE OPEN door in front of me.  I’m content in life right now and am going to tackle the challenges Fate throws at me with the same strength and grace I always do.   I’ll take that giant step forward happily, and know that having survived all those messy bits behind me, there’s pretty much nothing I can’t do!  Watch out world – HERE I COME … again.   And again.  And again …


As the storyteller get’s lost in her imagination,

the DJ spins the final record,

And the song sings a bittersweet goodbye.

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