deck plan1I am in full-on Packing mode for my upcoming trip.  I packed my cases … and then decided I needed luggage cubes.  Those came in, so I repacked my cases and discovered that I had enough stuff for two Large suitcases.  I do not want to bring two large suitcases!  So … I just unpacked everything once again, hung them on hangers, and sat down and made myself edit EDIT edit.  I can do laundry on the ship – or have them do it for me.  SO now I am back in to one LARGE case for my clothes and shoes, my small Dooney Trunk for bathroom items, swim suits, and all the reunion “stuff” I need to bring.   I feel so much better.  I just need to add my favorite pajamas and socks to the large case and that will be all set for traveling.  The smaller case I’ll have done the night before I leave.  I am READY TO GO!!

I was just sitting here a minute and thinking … I will be away from a computer for 10 days.  I will have limited access on my phone – just while we’re in port.  I don’t think I have been without access to the internet since … well … since I first started using computers back in 1990.  I am kind of looking forward – very much so – to being completely 100% unplugged from the rest of the world.  I know it sounds oh so very Hermity of me .. but gosh .. can you imagine making that kind of escape from life?  It’s making me a little emotional .. I can just be ME with no worries of pleasing anyone else.   It’s got to be as close to paradise as anyone can get.

What I should bring with me is a writing pad – just in case I meet any interesting characters.  I need to start working on my next Assignment for my Writing class as well – that’s due by the end of the month.  This next assignment is supposed to be Non-Fiction, and I need to start narrowing down which age group I want to write for.  That is the difficult part – I don’t have an age group in mind.  I would like to hope that all ages can enjoy my story of Clara and her friends.  But for this non-fiction writing I should probably focus on Middle Schoolers.  I was thinking of writing about creating a Fairy Garden .. but mine is currently on hold at the moment.  Another topic would be living with Oliver the Cat … or perhaps adapting the Spot The Toad Adventures in to one “reality” based story of a toads adventure around a garden.  THAT might be more fun … that research too would help me write Spots antics from a more realistic base too.   Hmmm .. decisions.  Of course .. if I have to research Toads then I can’t do that while cruising .. NO INTERNET.  Oh … well here’s a thought.  What if I write about the Food Tour I’m going on in Nassau . … I can take photos along the way.  Now that would be an interesting article that might actually sell to a Kids Travel magazine too.  OK .. now I have several options. I need to find a notebook.

Do other people over think their vacation wardrobe and plans?  I tend to overthink everything .. can’t turn the brain off sometimes.  But perhaps if I get a few yummy cruise cocktails in to me .. it will shut up just for once!!    A girl can wish …

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