A few weeks ago my Team Leaders came to me and said “You have to get your License before September 30th”.  I was like … OK.  Ummmm … it’s been a year since my Real Estate classes, but I can do that.    I got the application process started, went for my finger prints and was approved to take my exam last Tuesday.  Three days later I was sitting in an exam room taking my Real Estate Sales Associate exam.  I literally crammed as much information in to my brain as I could in those three days.   I was scared to death the day before the exam, scared that I’d let my team down, scared that I would let myself down, scared that once again Fate would screw with me and I’d fail the exam.   I took the entire day off on Thursday and did nothing but take practice exam after practice exam till I couldn’t take any more!  At 7pm that night I closed the books, put on “Fear” by Blue October, and told myself if I didn’t know it by then I was never going to know it.

Friday morning came – very little sleep was had.  I walked in to the testing center fairly confident, but a little skeptical.  I sent up a last desperate plea to the Universe to PLEASE please please just let this ONE Thing go right in my life.   And I sat down at the computer to take the exam.  I got through the first ten questions relatively quickly and thought to myself .. OMG .. I’ve totally GOT THIS!   I marked little X’s on my paper to count the number of questions i had to guess on .. and by the end of the exam I knew I had answered 77 questions correctly.  I only needed 75.  I went through and rechecked my responses, changed 3, and then clicked SUBMIT.

Walking over to the reception desk, the receptionist pulled my exam off the printer, took a peek, and said as she handed the results to me “Have a good weekend anyway.”  My heart sank.  I walked over to the locker area to retrieve my purse, slipped on my glasses, and took a look.  I PASSED!  I did a happy dance right then and there in the testing center.  I am sure I pissed off a lot of other testers there who were having  a difficult time .. but I didn’t care.  It wasn’t till that moment that I realized exactly how badly I wanted to pass that exam!  I had a few tears of joy in the corners of my eyes as I walked out to my car.  I was actually proud of myself for the first time ever.  I am now a licensed Real Estate agent and ready to tackle on the next challenges our Team faces in the coming months!  Some very exciting challenges if everything continues as planned!

Now it’s time to celebrate.  I’m heading up to Virgina Beach in a few weeks for my 30th Class Reunion.  We’ll go to the Homecoming Game, have a party at a local Alumni owned Bar, hit the beach, and then head out for a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas!  Yes .. I am the only Floridian that I know of that travels to Virginia to take a cruise.  But my life has been filled with irony – why change things up now?   I’m reconnecting with High School friends via Facebook now – and we are all very much looking forward to the week of fun ahead!  They’ve helped to remind me what real friendship looks like, and I’ve learned some very valuable life lessons on the difference between a friend and an acquaintance.

I’m still a bit sad over the ending of my relationship, but with each day I grow stronger.  I am actually thankful for having had the chance to care about someone else so deeply.  It showed me that another love for me isn’t impossible.  That I have room in my heart and in my life for another person.  And while I’m still angry and hurt over the circumstances that led up to our split, and confused over the reasons why, I am now able to move on and hope that one day we can be on friendly terms again.  We both need to get through that grieving process … I think we’re both in that anger stage.  Then we can maybe push through to forgiveness.   I’m just soooooo very thankful I removed myself from that toxic environment and no longer have malicious voices sharing their thoughts with me.  It allowed me to stop and think things through for myself!

You know that old hokey saying … life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows.   We have to get through the bad times to appreciate the good ones.  I’m planning on riding the momentum of this UP SWING on the Roller Coaster as long as I can and making it through the end of 2015 on a high note.  I’m surrounding myself with good, honest and real people.  The career path is continuing to improve.  I’m getting healthier every single day.   How could life not keep getting better?



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