Sounds of Sunday: The Head and the Heart


theheadandtheheart-splashI’ve been listening to a LOT of Sirius XM The Pulse this week, and was fortunate enough to catch a new feature they are doing with Pat Monahan from the band Train, called “Train Tracks”.  He’s taking over the station for an hour each week and playing some emerging bands – and you guys know there is nothing more that I love than BRAND NEW music.   I should really start to hunt out some Indie stations online so I can hear more.  I’m not so sure how “new” this band it, but it’s certainly not a band I’ve heard before.   I just fell in love with this song right away and knew I’d want to feature them on the blog this week.

The Head and the Heart are an indie band out of Seattle, WA.  I should have know this right off, as the best bands these days are hailing from the Pacific Northwest it seems.  Their first album came out in 2011 titled after the band, and the second in 2013 called “Let’s Be Still”.  The song I am featuring this week is the title song from the 2013 album.  It has a gentle folkise sound, and reminds us to slow down in life every once in awhile and just BE.   After this long stressful month I’ve had it was a much needed reminder at that!  Haha!

I don’t know what it is about this band … the lead vocals just get to me.   It kind of has a 60’s vibe .. but it’s modern at the same time.  I dunno .. maybe I should just let the song speak for itself this week and let you guys decide.  Yet another fantastic band to keep an eye on …

This week’s Sounds of Sunday featured song, “Let’s Be Still” by The Head and the Heart.


PS – stay and listen to more of their videos on YouTube after this one.  My God is this band so good!!!

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