Sounds of Sunday: The Rua


I’m always super excited to discover new bands, and hearing The Rua for the first time was no exception.  I’m so happy with the direction music is taking this year.  Perhaps it’s been growing over the past few years, but it’s REAL music. None of those divaesque auto-tune singers.  But real honest to god talent with stories to tell.

The Rua is a young band out of Windsor, England.   They are pretty cute on their website pointing out all of the many Windsor’s around the world, and almost apologetic in the fact they are English.  But gosh don’t you miss British Bands, and the whole BBC sound?  This band reminds me of those early days when British Bands ruled the world.  There’s a lot of energy in their songs, and a lot of promise.

The first release from the album is titled “Fight For What’s Right” – I was first drawn to the song because it was relevant to what was going on in my own life at the moment.  But the more I listen to the song, the more I love it.  I love the use of the orchestra in the background .. it’s great when bands add that layer of depth to their songs.    This one is most certainly the best from the album – and an excellent introduction of the band to the music world.

There are several other great songs on the album, so I’ve picked my favorite to feature this week.  You’ve probably already heard “Fight For What’s Right”, so why not share another potential hit and let you decide for yourself if the band is worthy … knowing that I believe they are!   And it’s not just because they friended me on Twitter first 😉  This is a live version, so you can hear their sound is genuine!

This Week’s Sounds of Sunday Pick – Without You by The Rua

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