mindovermatter_rainbowAs promised find below links to PDF documents for anyone interested in the 12-Week Weight loss Jump Start I developed for my Life Coaching Class.  Please note that I am not currently certified as a Weight Loss or Nutrition Counselor. If I were I’d be charging you $150 a hour for coaching and materials.  Instead I offer them to anyone needing to learn the basics of nutrition to obtain successful weight loss – at no cost to you.  These materials were developed while I was certified and should be used at your own discretion for informational purposes only.  If you have not consulted a doctor about a weight loss program, please do so to ensure you are healthy enough to participate.   You will need to download the files to your own computer to use them.

12-Week Program Outline

Week 1 – Setting Goals

Caloric Need Feedback Form

I’ll post the Week 2 forms over the weekend.  Feel free to comment here with questions.

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