My Class Reunion weekend is turning out to be a much bigger thing than expected.  I just hope no one is expecting anything “official” planned.  Someone asked if I could please make name tags for everyone with their HS photo on each tag.  HAhahahaha!  Oh .. ok .. I shouldn’t laugh.  Wasn’t I the one swearing up and down I wouldn’t plan another reunion?  Well .. this one wasn’t really planned by me .. I just organized the communication.  And we kept things VERY casual to avoid such things as name tags and pre-purchased tickets – and one person getting stuck with a MASSIVE bill.

This really is a much bigger THING than any of us imagined.  What started off as just a cruise turned in to a cruise with a casual get together at Lendy’s (local run alumni bar).  Then Lendy’s turned in to a MONSTER event.  Then we found out the Homecoming Game was the Friday night .. and now that is turning in to a HUGE thing with other classes planning to crash the game, and Lendy’s.  Then we added on a Wine Festival the day we return from the cruise.  And a day at the beach before the cruise … it all sounds incredibly fun.  I just worry that people are going to expect organized events  .. when really they’re just a series of gatherings in come-as-you-are fashion.

The thing that I am most excited about is out Give Back Campaign.  We’re hoping to donate a sizeable amount to the Music and Theater programs at Green Run High School.  The people helping me plan the Reunion all benefited from these programs and we want to be able to give the school something as a Thank You for those good years.  It’s our 30th Reunion – we should all be in a place where we can spare $20 to donate – right?  If you’re of the charitable sort – why not chip in $5 and help us out.  Stop by .

I even found a website that will make custom GRHS tee-shirts for Class Reunions.  I have 2 on order to see how they turn out -and may order 1 more.    Not 100% sure yet. I still need to make sure I have enough clothes for the cruise.  What does one need to pack any way?  A little bit of everything I expect – and be sure its all mix n match stuff to save on luggage space.

I’m more than excited – and a bit terrified if I’m going to be honest.  I don’t do well in crowds – but I am so looking forward to seeing my very best friend from school – AND – a really special person who has become a great friend these past few years.  Spending time with the two of them will make the trip that much more rewarding.   An seeing my old home town will either make me Home Sick or remind me why I don’t live there any more.

I need to find that place where I belong.  I’m not so sure where that might be .. I just know I’m so tired of living life alone.  I have to fit in somewhere .. with someone.  Right?   So perhaps this Reunion means more to me than it should?  Maybe I’m setting expectations that can’t be met and I’ll be disappointed  – and that’s why I’m terrified?  OR maybe I will have the time of my life and never ever want to come back!!

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