My 5 Seconds of Fame


TCN-Logo-fullI’ve been reminiscing today with some friends over on Facebook about our days with NBC’s Biggest Loser League.  I was going through old files on my computer and found all the Life Coaching worksheets I had created for the BLL – back when I had hopes of helping others lose weight.  I’m going to start a weekly feature here with those Tools for others to use FOR FREE if they like.  Not that anyone reads my blog these days .. but they will be here for someone like me seeking help on the vast Internets to stumble upon.

There’s a whole story behind the Biggest Loser League that led to my 5 seconds of fame in the weight loss world. It’s silly really … I just stumbled upon an opportunity and lucked out.   I guess I should start at the very beginning?

In 2005, the television show The Biggest Loser came to Orlando for auditions.  I joined hundreds of other hopefuls in line that day to be cast on the show.  At the time I was unemployed, at home with a very sick husband, and writing a blog called Willo’s Web.

Following the audition process many of us met up again on the TV Shows forum and decided to start losing weight on our own.  We formed a very tight knit community and used my blog as the center of our support group – along with the Chubby Network website run by a dear friend..  I also ran spoilers for the show .. and the blog became a little popular (ok .. 5,000 readers a day – but whatever)   Then NBC created the Biggest Loser League website and we moved operations over there – it was easier to create Weekly Challenges.  We had some members who were really successful in their weight loss.  Then there is me – one who can help so many others – but can’t help herself!

After auditioning for the show a few more times I basically gave up.  NBC Lawyers were threatening my Blog if I didn’t stop posting casting tips and show spoilers – and I really had lost interest in the show knowing all the Production secrets behind the scenes (oh the stories I could have shared!).  I was asked to submit a video to the Ladies Home Journal contest in 2007 called “New Year – New You.” – the prize was a year free on Jenny Craig.  I submitted a video …. and became one of 5 winners.  I was reminded today that we were actually featured on Entertainment Tonight, and spent half of this afternoon trying to find that clip for you – but alas – it is gone in the video archives forever! Maybe one of my newsie friends can dig it up for me somewhere? But I also had the opportunity to go on a Tampa News show and talk about my success to date on the program – and why Jenny Craig was so awesome. Talk about a Life Experience! I was such a dork – but I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

Against my better judgement, I am posting links to my Audition Vidoes and the News Clip here. The videos are old and the uploads were poor quality. I don’t have them saved any where else. But a friend requested I post the new clip .. so here it is! My 5 Seconds of Fame.  This is me fully exposed to the world … a me I’m not proud of.   A me desperate to lose the weight and be loved.   And I find myself right back in that same place today.  But this time I am going to be successful!

Look for new posts this week with some of the “Chubby Network” Challenges and worksheets. I need to get them uploaded as PDFs before I can share.

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