Sounds of Sunday – Brantley Gilbert


Brantley GilbertI’ve been listening to a lot of Country music this week, and I find myself falling further in love with this music Genre. Perhaps I’ve lived in Florida too long. Country music is the sound of the South .. it’s the heart beat of our life. Perhaps its that storytelling aspect each Country song has that is very relatable to the average persons life. Country music is said to have its roots in Scottish folk music – being that the Scots settled in the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains when they first arrived. A blend of Celtic folk and the blues. It’s only natural that I’d find comfort in the songs that sound so familiar.

It was very late one night – or perhaps very early one morning – that I first heard this song on the radio. I was blown away by the passion behind the words and music. I’d not really heard Brantley Gilbert’s music before that night, but now I have several of his album downloaded to my new Country Playlist.   I think I’m attracted to the singer songwriters more than other performers simply because their heart shines through the music – they write these songs for a very specific reason and that meaning can only be portrayed purely by the songwriter.   Gilbert’s no exception.  He pours his heart in to his music, and it shows!   I may not agree with Gibert’s politics – or most recent tattoo – but I do think the man is wicked talented!

Currently touring across the country you can find full tour dates at Gilbert’s website.  Supporting his latest album “Just As I Am”.

This week’s Sounds of Sunday Pick:  “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” by Brantley Gilbert


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