Oh the woes of Real Estate when you’re working with Short Sales.   It was a rough day as we watched a Buyer back out of a Sales Contract on the DAY OF CLOSING leaving our client no other option but to surrender his home to the Bank.   We counted on this buyer to close on the property – and had been told every step of the way that they were going to proceed with closing.  Even being told as late as WEDNESDAY that the buyer was proceeding with the purchase.  If the Buyer had been up front and open with us from the beginning we would have been able to sell the home to other Buyers with back-up offers.  As it turns out this Buyer also neglected to pay for the Home Inspections on the home  …  If you’re ever doing business dealings with RBJ & Zummers Inc – be wary !!!

Have I told you about my incredible cousin?  He was born just a few days after I was – and we have reconnected recently after not speaking for decades.  It is amazing getting to know him as an adult – and fascinating to realize how much alike we Cancer-Moon babies are.   He understands the whole hermit thing – of retreating into our caves when the world gets too much.  I never thought of him as an introvert – but talking with him now I realize he truly is.  He played guitar when we were teens – I thought that was the COOLEST thing EVER.  Of course I have a love of music – so its no surprise he is my favorite cousin 😉    He’s going through a rough patch right now .. I really need to step up and do more to stay in touch with him.   It’s rare to find someone who understands you – someone you don’t have to explain yourself too.  GOD – he even lets me ramble on about whatever deep thought is ruining my sleep.  It’s nice to get the thoughts out and have someone else say “Yeah!  I get that … ”  He just texted tonight asking me to meet him for Mojitos.  The only problem is he lives in Colorado while I’m here in Florida.  Another person to add to my MUST VISIT list.  I am going to have to win Powerball to afford all these trips I want to make.

Carnicval SplendorSpeaking of trips!  My 30th Class Reunion is coming up in October. I KNOW .. I know .. 30 years.  Good grief I am OLD!!  I swore up and down I was not going to plan this reunion – but I ended up being the person to communicate all the Reunion ideas and plans.   The BIG reunion “thing” is a Caribbean Cruise from Norfolk, VA.  Yes – I am the ONLY Floridian that will travel to VA to hop on a cruise.   The way things worked out – the Cruise is the Monday following Homecoming – so I’ve invited all Alum to the Homecoming Game on Friday night.  We’re also having a casual gathering at a Classmates Bar & Cafe.  That is going to be an epic party – with 85  alum (and their +1’s) planning to attend so far.   I fly in Saturday – I’ll miss Homecoming – but I’ll be there for the Lendy’s Invasion for sure!!  I am super duper excited!  Can you tell?

I only have the one week of paid vacation – and I’ll be away for 10 days.  But I’m trying to figure out a way to make it out to WA to visit someone really special.   I’m not sure they are going to be able to make it to Florida due to family obligations.  Besides – if I fly out to WA then I can visit my mom as well.  Not sure I can take yet another week away from work at the end of the year though.  So it might have to wait till next year.   That’s where my heart is right now, though.  One must follow their heart – right?

I wonder  .. if I started a GoFundMe.com account would people actually donate towards my Vacation wish list?


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