Sandra was a patient woman .. to a point. She was happy to go to work each day, to take care of her family, and stand by her husband. Each day she would head off to work with a smile on her face knowing that her family was there waiting for her at the end of the day. She was oblivious to what was really going on around her.

You see her devoted husband wasn’t as devoted as he claimed – or even thought – he was. He worked too, but his job was his passion. Every waking moment was devoted to his work and building up the relationships that made him successful in his field. He’d kiss the wife goodbye in the morning and get down to business. In the evening, he would have a good dinner prepared by Sandra, then they’d head off to one of the kids games. Or a gathering of neighbors and friends. Or any number of couple events. He would sit in the background and watch Sandra talk to her friends. Sandra would make attempts to bring him in to the conversations, to engage with her husband. But he was content to just sit and watch. When they got home he’d say “Go on to bed honey, you have a busy day tomorrow.” Sandra would agree and head to bed. Her husband would then head off to a game of poker with the boys, or to the club to hang out with his friends. He was “building relationships” It was “good for business”.

One night Sandra decided to follow behind to see what all the fuss was, and found that her husband was having a grand old time with his friends. He came to life and was a completely different man than he was at home. This hurt Sandra – as she wanted to be the person making him laugh, and bringing him happiness. And while he claimed over and over again his love for her, he never acted upon those feelings.

Sandra did all she could to stay connected with her husband. She made an attempt to join him at the club. She attempted to make friends with his friends. She would send him little messages through the day, and wrote love letters. She researched ways to save her marriage – but nothing seemed to work. Her husband didn’t see that anything was wrong. Sandra felt that she was the only one fighting for their relationship to succeed.

One day, Sandra overheard a group of woman talking. Why didn’t Sandra spend more time with her husband? Was she having an affair? Sandra’s heart fell .. she ran home to tell her husband what she had overheard – and he laughed it off. He even defend the “good women” saying Sandra was over reacting. “Have you always been a conspiracy theorist”? Sandra felt defeated and could do nothing more than head to bed in tears.

The next day Sandra decided she had had enough. She packed up her bags, settled accounts, and was on her way. She looked over at her husband working in the office at home and said quietly “Goodbye”. He barely glanced up saying in return “Bye, love of my life.” And Sandra walked out the door.

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