blogfunny[1]I am curious to know, do you put more value in to a Blogger who writes more of a personal journal – like UBH is – or into those blogs who have made attempts to monetize and attract readers? After all we put our words down for others to read. But is there more glory to attracting readers through SEO tactics and keywords? Or in attracting readers organically through only our words?

I need an outlet where I can comfortably talk about the things that are on my mind – because if I continue to internalize my thoughts and feelings I just might explode. This blog is the perfect outlet for that. I can say what my over analytical mind is processing – get it out – and let it go. Some would say that’s very selfish and egotistical of me. Perhaps – but there are others who say to write what you know .. and I know me very well. I’ve missed writing here – and I need to start up again.

I’ve been stretching out of my hermity comfort zone recently and attempting to make friends via an online gaming website. Lesson learned – you can’t find true friends online. Don’t get me wrong – I have met a few pretty amazing people and will have them as an online friend for along time. It’s those friendships I’ll continue to foster – the rest? … meh. Those types of relationships are shallow at best and only last as long as the next rumor. Without the personal interaction of a “real life” contact, there is a lot of misunderstanding and speculation. You have to guess what is behind anothers words – what the true intent is. And the hassle is just not worth it.

Not to mention all of the complications of an online relationship that is also long distance. That in itself is an exercise in complete frustration. Feelings have developed – but there’s nothing we can do to act upon those feeling unless one of us decides to travel across the country. Is it stupid to continue to pursue a relationship that seems so utterly impossible? Or do you hold on to the hope of a One Day meeting and wait patiently for that one day to come? We argued last night – it was not fun. Made me realize how easily one of the two of us could just walk away and it hurt my heart a little bit.

I have found a passion in my new job. We’ve been a team for just over 7 months, and while we are having some growing pains, for the most part we have operated successfully as a team. I love what I do – and I look forward to continuing to build an empire with my two partners. Our biggest problem is being too busy to do everything that we want to do! And that’s definitely not a bad problem to have.

My father passed away earlier this year. I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. I still have difficulty talking about it. He was my hero and I miss him dearly. I’m still mostly alone here in sunny Florida (where it rains every single day) and it is starting to effect my soul. I’m not just alone – I’m lonely. I have to find a way to fix that … and it has to happen before I can’t handle the alone any more

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