My father passed away last week.   His battle with lung cancer is over and he is finally at peace.

I knew.   Even though I’m thousands of miles away … I knew.  I was driving home from work early that day and had a strong urge to pull the car over and call my mother.  I KNEW.

Family lore has been that we’re all a bit psychic  …  but this just cemented my belief that intuitive knowledge exists.  That being intuitive and empathetic are gifts we shouldn’t question.    That MAGIC in this world does exist if we open up our minds and let it in.

It’s the same way I knew I was pregnant moments after it happened.  Of course at the time I was in complete denial .. but when I look back I can remember looking at myself in the mirror and saying to myself “Oh wow .. you’re pregnant”.  Then shrugging it off as nonsense.

You hear stories about people who know who is on the other end of a phone call even before it’s answered .. I do that often.  My parents never answer their phone – always letting it go straight to voice mail.  Anytime my sisters would call I’d be up before the 2nd ringing saying “It’s Shell” and grabbing the phone for my mom.

I don’t really watch the news any more because it hurts too much.  There’s too much pain in the world and I’m not at a point in my life where I can handle it.  So I don’t watch.  Some would say I’m being highly irresponsible or overly sensitive.  And well .. yes… I am being sensitive because I honestly do feel the heartache of others.  I don’t deny it .. I acknowledge the fact I’m empathetic of others and I try my best to move on.

I don’t write about this to shock or point out that I’m “special” … I’m just saying that I believe.  I believe that these anomalies in life happen and that we should EMBRACE the weird.  Because you deep down know that you too have felt something before it’s happened or known who was on the other end of the phone.

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