I have a new kitten – did I mention him here before?  You’ve certainly seen his photo splattered all over my Instagram account.  His name is Oliver, and he’s a rescue cat.  So he comes with a few unknown issues that we’re still discovering and working on.   Today he gave me a giant fright, that is kind of hilarious when you look back.

Oliver likes to sit on our back porch on sunny days.  Today was sunny in the morning, but the rain started mid-afternoon and continued to get worse as the day went on.  Oliver was sitting in my Lemon Tree (see attached photo) watching the rain come down, and the cars drive by.  There was thunder rumbling in the far distance, and the school bus started rumbling down the street toward the round-about.  Oliver must have been startled and scared.  He leaped from the lemon tree, started zipping around the porch, hopped up on the a porch chair, his planter box filled with kitty grass, and then attempted to jump to the porch ceiling and grab on to the stucco wall.  His head did touch the porch ceiling – but he wasn’t able to grab on to the stucco wall.  Instead his little fuzzy face smashed in to the wall and down he crashed to the ground.

My crochet hook went flying one way … my yarn flew another direction, and somehow my afghan landed on top of the TV.  I rushed out to the porch where Oliver was wobbling out from the corner.  He was a little disoriented, shaking his head, and then plopped down and started licking his nose.  I thought for sure he had given himself a bloody nose.   I scooped him up and brought him inside for a thorough evaluation.  A quick check of his teeth and skull revealed no pain and no missing teeth.  There was no blood trickling down his nose.  And he was starting to wiggle free from my arms.  One quick check to see if his pupils were even … and I let him go.

The thunder was getting closer, and Oliver started pacing around the house once again.  He jumped in to the front window and started Meow -Howling.  My kitten was frightened!  I caught him up in my arms once again and walked him out to the porch.  While I was petting him, we looked out at the rain falling.  I took him over to the side of the porch where the rain was coming in and let him feel the rain.  Then we came inside and sat for a few minutes.  He calmed right down and settled in for a long nap.  He’s since eaten dinner and I’m keeping a very close eye on my little dare devil.

I retold the story to my mom who immediately thought he was probably traumatized before he was found and brought to the ASPCA.  I’m going to have to keep him off the porch on rainy/stormy days – and make sure to give him lots of comforting when it does storm.   On top of his “no biting mommy” and “don’t sleep on mommys face and groom her all night long” training  – I’m going to have my hands full!!

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