I’ve been silent for far too long on my blog.  This past month I’ve spent some quality time with my father in the Seattle area.  He’s decided to end chemotherapy for his cancer and enter hospice care.

He and my mother are relatively private people.  Totally opposite of me – one who shares everything and anything with whomever will listen or read.   I’m respecting their privacy by not providing details on my father’s condition.  The family is just spending a lot of time loving each other these days – and that’s all that is important.   This is why I’ve been silent.  I’m not sure there are enough words any more any way.

But the new year is still so full of possibility!

I have recently accepted a position with a new Real Estate team.  I’m very excited about the opportunity that lies ahead.  SO many exciting challenges await, and I’ll be working with some really great agents.  I’ve no doubt I’ll flourish in this new role – it’s everything that I am really great at.  Everything I love to do.  I’ve been itching to develop a new team from the start and this was my opportunity to do so … and I’m running full steam ahead!

You know … life is full of things that scare us.  It challenges us in the most unimaginable ways, and we often react from a place of fear. It’s when you let go of the fear that you set yourself free.  I’ve been going with the flow this past year to see where life would take me, and I am pretty happy with the outcome.

I now have a week off between jobs – which allows me to take care of some personal business.  I’m in dire need of more professional clothes.  I’d been wanting to wait to purchase these as I am still undergoing a weigh change.  But I can’t wait any longer.  So a day of shopping is up high on my list!  I’ve got to take care of an oil change for my car.  And some personal banking.  After a month away my house needs a deep cleaning and needs to be aired out.  Thanks goodness Mother Nature is cooperating this week – tomorrow temps are supposed to be PERFECT and will allow me to toss open the windows.  So maybe my week off isn’t really “off” … just a week dedicated to MY needs.  Which hasn’t happened in a long time.

I’m excited for the year to come.  I hope to find more time to dedicate to writing her at UBH several times a week – and working on a few short stories to share here (featuring the new kitten addition to the family).  I send wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy year as well.  Remember to let go of the fear .. see what happens!

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