Every once in awhile as I ponder new blog posts to write I hear a Meredith Grey type narrative going on in my head. You know, how in the show Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith always has a narrative going on throughout the show with the morale message each week? Right now I keep thinking about Secrets, and how they impact people in so many different ways. And I can hear Meredith chiming in with her morale implications of the situation.

It would go something like “Secrets. Everybody has them. And everyone has their own way of dealing with them. Some secrets are best left unsaid. Others fester within you until you can’t deal with them anymore, and they pop to the surface at an inappropriate time. Secrets can be your best friend. And they can be your worst enemy. It’s how you deal with the secret that defines what sort of person you really are”.

As Meredith’s narrative is taking place you see on camera different scenes involving the cast. Perhaps one is getting an ultra sound and has a wonderful secret to share. Another one has a credit card declined and has a secret bankruptcy. Perhaps one of the doctors has a consultation with another hospital as they secretly plot a career move to Sweden. And finally you see one doctor staring off in to the distance with a troubled look on their face. As the show goes on we see each character struggle or rejoice in each of their secrets .. but by the time the show ends you see all sorts of plot twists that show you the good secrets turn out to be bad .. and the bad secrets good.

We each have little secrets in our lives. A secret love. A surprise gift. A hidden tattoo. We wouldn’t be human if we shared every single aspect of ourselves with the world. Part of the fun when meeting someone new is discovering those little hidden things that make them unique. And sharing new secrets that are just between the two of you.

Some secrets though, they eat away at you. You may not have a choice but to keep it to yourself because it’s in the best interest of everyone. Not being able to control the outcome of the secret, and knowing the implications it might have on others .. it can destroy you. It can destroy friendships. Hurt feelings come in to play. And you stop to ask yourself if keeping the secret is really worth it in the long run.

Ultimately, secrets are never kept. You either end up confiding in someone you trust, or the secret is discovered. Any time someone asks “Can you keep a secret?” you know that you can never trust them with a secret of yours. But you know you’re going to respond with “Of course I can.” Because we’re all curious. You know our friend wants to unburden themselves with the responsibility of the secret. SO you allow them to share and you become a conspirator. Good or bad. And that secret will either eat you alive … or bring you tremendous joy. That’s the risk of being a secret keeper. That’s the responsibility you take on. That’s when you have to stop and ask yourself … is it worth it?

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