One of the risks a blogger takes in becoming so open about life, is that people you know are going to read what you write.  Sometimes that can be a very good thing.  Other times I stop and wonder if perhaps being so open I run the risk of chasing people away when they read what I have to say.  You just don’t know … and my long time readers know that I’m not one to withhold what I’m feeling when I write.  So I have to go with the “love me as I am .. or leave me alone!” philosophy!  The other day I was told to stop sharing every emotion all over Facebook.  Well  .. so sorry .. that’s just not me.  I have no secrets.  I share almost everything.  That’s the way I’ve always been as a blogger and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

I don’t pretend to know much about Bloggers … I only read a few myself as I just don’t have to time to dig in to the blogosphere.  I’ve never really studied what makes a good blog .. or why other blogs are more successful.  Some of them have their niches and hold on to a good following.  I personally love cooking blogs as I’m always looking for a good recipe.  But I am starting to find those type of blogs to be pretty much all the same and lacking in some personality.   Mommy blog are fun to read as well … they’re so full of funny anecdotes and advice.  Not sure there are too many blogs like mine that are popular.  But blogs like mine aren’t written for the masses .. we’re a bit more egotistical in that we write for ourselves and if others read it so be it.

But it makes me wonder what the longevity of blogs will be.  In 100 years, which blogs will actually have staying power?  Will the Internets even be around then .. or will all these brilliant writers be lost in cyberspace never to be heard from again?  Perhaps that’s why the printed word will always be valued a little more than the digital word.  And do we give more credit to bloggers who write more from a journalistic stand point than those bloggers who write about daily life?  I always said in History class that I would have done so much better if we had focused on the stories of the every day people rather than on the powers that be.  I was never really interested in Presidents or powerful people.  I wanted to know what life was like for the people in each era … what were the trials and tribulations, the joys and celebration .. of the people who actually lived life!  Perhaps that’s why I value more blogs like mine.  Because you get a glimpse into the life of the author .. rather than a snapshot of world events that someone else deems as “important”.

I should read more of my fellow bloggers.  I’m going to make that a goal in 2015.


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