ea504ee472fbb63b70e9d8fe8111fecb[1]My apologies for not blogging sooner.  The past few weeks have been somewhat surreal and unexpected.  I find myself working from home at the request of my boss, and I’m trying to adjust to the change.   There’s a level of discipline one needs in order to successfully work form home without letting your personal life seep in and take over business needs.  My day begins now at 7:30am, as I can’t break the habit of waking at 7am.  And then to sit around and not do anything .. well .. what’s the point?

Mornings are flying by.  I go from 7:30am to noon without blinking it seems.  Which is a good thing.  I adopted a now 5-month old kitten, and he can typically entertain himself during the mornings.  Well .. that is when he’s not trying to devour my feet, leap on to the top of bookcases in death defying pounces, or destroying the contents of my desk.  But by noon he’s ready for a little mom time so it’s good to break for lunch for an hour.  Afternoons seem to drag on forever.  Maybe it’s because Oli (the kitten) has fallen asleep and is no longer there to entertain me?

It’s more difficult to not hop on to my email and work software at night and on weekends.  I have to force myself not to check.    Trying to set those boundaries between work and home life.  I’m supposed to be walking at 5pm … as a way to create that separation where I would normally be commuting home from an office.  But it’s much more fun to play with the kitten.  And then since I am home, there’s 100 things that always need to be done.

This year has been one of constant change.  I think I’ve reached the point where if things are NOT changing, I’m bored.   So I am very hopeful to see some positive changes happening in the New Year.   I’m excited for potential new possibilities and growth – both personally and professionally.  I’m one who has to continually be learning.  Perhaps I’m on a journey still that has no definitive end.  I like that.  I am after all a gypsy at heart.

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