Well as predicted – my cheesy Halloween story was not selected as a winner in Pogo’s Horror Story contest.  The intent was to write a story based on the costume your “Mini” was wearing.  You were limited to 500 words .. so it’s pretty short.  Mine turned out more Fable than Horror .. it’s a bit disjointed because of the word count limitation …  but I liked it.  As promised, I’m posting my story here for you guys to make fun of and laugh at!   I would love to hear some of your spooky tales in the comments below!


A Walk To Remember


It was on All Hallows Eve several years ago that Jack on a dare braved the cold night and snuck in to the cemetery. Tired of begging for treats, the boy and his friends went searching for mischief. What they found instead would alter their lives forever.

The sun had set hours ago, and the Harvest Moon was rising high in the sky. Shadows fell across the cemetery, and a light fog lingered upon the ground. The boys squeezed through a small gap made in the iron gate. The Care Taker never locked up tight enough, and the neighborhood hoodlums all knew the way in.   The temperature was somehow cooler here, and the boys could see their breath frosty in the air.

With false bravdo, the boys egged each other on to go deeper in to the cemetery. The others stood around waiting, while Jack took off at a hesitant pace. He walked towards the tombs at the back … the Statues had always fascinated him. He thought if he could snap a quick selfie by a Gargoyle his mission would be a success.

The widow walks between the gravestones searching. For what no one really knows .. nor do they understand. She’s been walking in the cemetery every night for years, tears streaming down her face, without a sound.   Like most small towns, the local lore has twisted the story in to a hundred directions, theories and speculations. Children have been warned to stay away from the cemetery at night for a decade .. but the teens never listen.

Tonight she was headed towards the tombs, a planned Halloween visit with her late husband. It was a holiday they had celebrated together and was often a difficult time of year for her. She needed to be with him. Nothing was going to stop her this time.

They almost collided at the Tomb. The widow was so intent on her mission she didn’t see the boy creeping slowly towards her. Jack had heard a noise, and was looking over his shoulder, as he stepped in front of her. They both stopped, surprised to see another person in the dark.   Jack laughed nervously, and the widow gave him a questioning stare. He explained his mission, and the widow showed a slight sign of amusement, nodded gently and opened the tomb door.

A bright luminescent creature streamed out of the tomb. The widow screamed and Jack fled. The fireflies flew as one, and began chasing the boy, as he stumbled and ran for his life.   He tripped over a tree root, and the bugs swarmed! And just as quickly as they attacked they flew away. The widow searched for the boy, but could only find a pumpkin luminaire .. a Jack-O-Lantern .. left behind. Was it the magic of the night? Did her husband play one last Halloween prank? Or did the boy simply run away while she was blinded by the light? The widow will haunt the cemetery till she sees them again .. next time she’ll save the boy.

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