1. Having trouble focusing today.  I have other things on my mind that are unresolved.  I should learn not to dwell.
  2. Pretty much  finished with my work for the week and am just waiting for new things to pop in.  I should start to pack up our office for our future move.
  3. I am always on the look out for new bands .. new music .. new sounds.  If you hear something totally quirky that you think will work for Sounds of Sunday – let me know!  And if I like them enough, I’ll pass them along to BGL Radio too!Muckel Coo
  4. Do you ever wonder why a Muckle Coo is so furry and cute .. while American cows are so plain?
  5. I have lost 25% of the weight I want to lose .. so just need to do this 3 more times .. and BAM!  I’m at my goal.  July 1 – Sep 26 = 12 weeks roughly.  So 36 weeks to go!  Ok .. well .. I’m giving myself another 52 weeks to get there.  Let’s not get too ambitious!
  6. Mike Nesmith earned more money from selling White Out than he did as a member of The Monkees.
  7. The flight from Orlando to London is over 12 hours.  TWELVE HOURS.  Good grief!
  8. Apparently folks from Brazil really like my blog.  Or there’s a really great Spam Bot trying to breach the security.  Whatever .. thanks Brazil Reader for visiting every single day!  Let’s get past the main page next visit – eh?
  9. Uggs are the most comfortable shoes on the plant.  OK .. technically they are slippers.  Do not care .. still wore them to work today.  It’s Fall  – Season of the Uggs.
  10. Yesterday I drank over 120 ounces of water.  Today looks to be even more .. so thirsty.  Or boredom .. it’s probably boredom.
  11. The Friday afternoon social hour has started early here at the office .. as all the agents start to pack up and head home.  It will probably be silent in an hour when I”m the only one left here.
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