3673347_std[1]One of my all time favorite movies is Practical Magic.  With the Witchy Season coming quickly upon us I will for sure be watching it one more time!  There are many reasons this movie is a favorite of mine … how can you not love the Margarita song .. but one of the things that always intrigued me was “The List” that Sandra Bullock’s character Sally created when she was a young girl.

You see, the women of the family are cursed.  The men that they fall in love with seem to be met with an untimely death, leaving the Witches heart broken.   Sally as a young girl saw the heart ache her mother suffered through and vowed to never experience true love so deep, she didn’t want to suffer the same fate.  So she wrote up a spell for True Love and drafted a list of all the positive attributes she could find in a man.  She ended the list by giving this perfect guy one green eye and one blue eye – hoping that this vision of her perfect match would never become a reality.   She cast her spell and let Fate work its wonders.  Little did Sally know that her ideal man would eventually find her, and so would True Love.  You see .. Sally’s spell just released her hearts wish to the Universe for Fate to follow.

A few years ago – after watching the movie for the 100th time – I decided to create my own list and my own spell.  Like Sally, I felt it would never actually become a reality.  I was really just being incredibly silly.  But … Fate has a funny and awesomely ironic way of  finding you.  Doesn’t it?

What would you do if you were Sally, and that person you had wished for just happened to waltz in to your life?  Totally 100% unexpected and out of the blue?   What if they matched your list line item by line item … a perfect match?  Would you find this a strange coincidence or would you begin to believe in Magic and Fate?

Just something to ponder … a thought for the day.  A curiosity.  The hopeless romantic in me would like to believe.  Do you?

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