ApothacaryEvery morning as I drive past the back of my home, an older couple is out for their walk.  And every morning that older couple stops to look in to my back yard, my back porch, and if my blinds are open to have a peek inside the house.  I laugh as I drive by, because I get it.  They’re curious.  I have some wildflowers growing in my raised planter right now and they’re probably trying to figure out what I’m up to.

But .. I’m so mischievous sometimes .. I’m trying to think of something to put out on the back porch that will really totally drive their curiosity wild.   Why not entertain the couple since they provide me with a morning giggle every time I drive by.  But I need your help!  I need ideas for something to place in the Back Porch that might seem … unusual but toally legal.  I was thinking of setting up my Witches Apothecary Shop ..strange plants and dried herbs.  But the bottles and jars are much better appreciated on a Potting bench that people can get up close to.

Whose up for a little Halloween mischief?  What would you place on the back porch to get the attention of passer bys and my little old couple?  Drop your idea in the comments below or send me a note on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Curiosity killed the cat …

  1. Dad says:

    Your youngest sister once had a cat hanging from the top of their garage door. You could do that except from your back screen door.

  2. Jaci says:

    That’s funny! Yet twisted and sick. I love it!

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