Kissimmee Storm Clouds

Kissimmee Storm Clouds – via Twitter @CassieArmstrong

Living in Florida for 20+ years I’ve come to expect the Afternoon Thunderstorms.  I’ve been afraid of them for a very long time .. and I’m working through why that is this year.   I’m starting to really appreciate the storms as a thing of beauty, even though when lightening hits too close to home I start to panic.

This afternoons storm came on slowly.  I just took a half hour to stand on my front porch and watch it build from just a few clouds.  And I finally started to appreciate the immense power of our weather.   Watching the clouds roll past in layer upon layer of puffy grey … lower clouds zipping past in the high winds while the upper, darker clouds moved along slowly as if burdened with the load of water they were carrying.

It was the wind that initially drew me outside.  This time of year in Kissimmee there’s brutal heat.  And seeing the wind pick up I so wanted to feel the breeze blowing on my face.  So I stepped outside and was mesmerized by the dancing trees.  The DR Horton Flags outside the Gate were fluttering in the breeze creating an almost rhythmic beat, as the wind played a strong melody through the trees.   It was amazing to just stand there, the wind tossing  my hair and cooling me down, and watching this amazing theater of Mother Nature play out.

Several neighbors drove by, probably thinking I was a total loon.  But I just couldn’t tear myself away from the storm.

I could see the clouds zipping by overheard, and as I turned to look across the neighborhood I could see the rain start to pour on to the rooftops in the distance.  It was as if the rain skipped over my house to just pour down on them, giving me a few more minutes to enjoy it all.

Soon the raindrops started to fall at my house, and I let myself be washed with the cool sprinkle.  It was utterly refreshing, and I still did not want to go back inside and miss what would happen next.  But like every Florida storm, the lightening and thunder drew closer and I was forced to come inside.

Now it is truly down-pouring outside, and i can hear the rain flow off the roof onto the sidewalk outside.  I can see the rain push through the screen and flood my back porch.  The grass and trees are taking on a darker shade of green, and I wonder what exactly is it about rain that I love so much.   I could lay on the sofa now happily listening to the drips and trickles play on the windows.  The downpour beat upon my roof.   I wish I could go stand outside and be drenched by the rainfall .. if not for the lightening.

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