Last week I had an opportunity to attend a 2 Day workshop for work on Recruiting techniques.  It was a fantastic class, and I learned a lot.  But I also walked away with one of those funny stories that happen probably once in a life.  Well .. maybe it happens more often for non-hermity people.  But for me this was DEFINITELY  a first.

People don’t believe me when I tell them I never really went through the whole Single-Dating thing.  No bar hopping or clubbing for me, so I never experienced the whole cheezy pick-up lines or attempts by over eager gentlemen to get my phone number.  I married the guy I met on my 21st Birthday .. and well .. life made me grow up pretty quickly.  Keep that in mind …

As I was driving to my class on Thursday morning, I was stuck in the usual traffic along the main road from my community to the rest of the Metro area.  You know how it goes .. stop  .. go .. hurry up .. wait.  At one point in the car-tango a shiny black muscle car pulls up beside me. I hear a little “Toot” of the horn .. and I glance over.   The driver indicated I should roll down my window.  Here I am thinking I have a flat tire or big snake dragging off the back of my car, or something.

Instead I hear:  “Oh please tell me that such a pretty face is single!!  I know you can smile .. so serious as you’re driving.  Come on .. give me a smile.”  Of course by the time he finishes I’m dying of laughter.  Again .. that’s the first ever cheezy pick-up line of my life.  I was flattered, and continued to banter with the young man as our cars moved slowly forward.  Finally he said “I’m Scotty .. take down my digits.  Call me so we can let traffic move forward.”   I told him as polite as I could “No thank you, Scotty – but you sure made my day!”  And I sped ahead. {everyone thinks I should have taken down his number .. but I really am awfully shy.}

Now I have no idea if this guy uses that line all the time … or if it works on other women.  But I can tell you it felt good to be noticed.  I’ve spent so many years living in the shadows .. perhaps all the work I’m doing to break away from hermit-hood is starting to show on the outside too?

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