Sounds of Sunday: Xova


xovaOne of the good things listening to an internet radio station is the diversity of music found.  They’re not restricted to certain playlists, and the DJ’s are free to explore up-and-coming Indie Bands.  I was listening to Steve Robbins show the other day, DJ Taz on, and heard a new band that I instantly loved.    In fact, Steve played several of their songs and without knowing it I would say, “Oh .. I like this song too.”  Steve would say “That’s the same band, hun.”  So I decided to look in to them further.

As it turns out, the band Xova, has just been signed to their first recording contract in the UK this past week.   They’ll be putting out an album for Streets Music later this year. They consider themselves a Pop/Reggae band along the same lines of UB40.    Imagine ska, reggae, pop, blues, and rock fused together and you start to get an idea of what their sound is like.  The first song I heard by them was titled Serenity.  It was a heart warming song of a father to his daughter, and the tenderness in the lyric caught my attention immediately.

Steve was able to forward over to me the bands Bio .. and while quiet impressive .. I’d really rather focus on where the band is headed and not look at their past.  Because this band is going places.  I can almost guarantee you’ll hear their songs being played on mainstream radio stations across the country this next year.    If you’d like to explore their music further, be sure to check out their SoundCloud page.  There you’ll be able to hear some of my favorites:  Lullaby, Serenity and a quirky song titled Mr. Winston that reminds me of my beloved doggie.

Don’t forget to look for them on your favorite download page, as you’re going to want to add Xova to your library too!

Now check out this week’s Sound of Sunday song, 9 Lives by Xova

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