You know those crazy meme’s and chain messages you nominate your friends to complete on Facebook?  They are typically really annoying and I don’t normally participate in them.  But this week I was nominated to complete the “Time Machine”.    Basically it asks you “if you were to go back in time what 10 pieces of advice would you give your 20 year old self”.

I thought … wow.  This is one I can feel good about completing and nominating some friends for.  Not only will I get in touch with myself, my friends will get to know me better, and then if those I nominate also do it, I’ll learn so much more about them!  So I sat down at my keyboard prepared to spend 5 minutes on a quick list of items and I’ll be on my way.  An hour and a few Kleenex later .. this is what my list looks like:

  1. When you meet that guy on your 21st Birthday – go for it. But know that you DO NOT have to get married to raise a wonderful son. You’re going to do that on your own most of the time. Your son grows to be a caring man with the same passion for music you have.
  2. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Your baby weight isn’t coming off for a very good reason. Stay on top of your health to avoid issues in the future.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Because you learn your most valuable life lessons when you “think” you’ve failed. You’ll thrive in your career.
  4. You’ll meet your Prince Charming. Remember to keep an open heart and look past the challenges. While you may only have a short time together, you’ll learn exactly what TRUE LOVE is. Your most important lesson learned is to cherish every single day together.
  5. Do not despair … when the darkness falls. You must experience all of the emotions fully to dig yourself out of the pit. It will take years to do .. but you are a strong woman and you WILL survive.
  6. Get over your abandonment issues. Folks come and go in life .. and it’s not your fault. Don’t hold on so tight.
  7. Laugh every single day!! No matter how you feel .. laugh at something.
  8. Don’t let your music escape you. Hang on to your dream.
  9. Don’t be afraid to let new people in to your life. Make friends who will be by your side the rest of your life. Be sure to LOVE fully. Don’t hold back no matter how foolish you might seem. Take a risk … see what happens!
  10. Be open to change. Always learn something new.

I tell you – it was a completely therapeutic process.  I was able to take a look at my life since I turned 20 and offer up advice that would not CHANGE what had happened in my life, but to prepare the 20 year old me for what was to come ahead.   Perhaps having this knowledge ahead of time I would heal faster from the hurts.  I really feel like I can put my past behind me and continue this forward momentum of growth in the coming years.  I should take it a step further and begin to set new goals for the next few years.

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