Sounds of Sunday: Andy Grammer


Andy-GrammerI listened to an interview this week with Andy Grammer and thought he would be the perfect choice for Sounds Of Sunday.  He spoke on the title of his new albums, and the songs that he wrote for the album.  He wanted to be able to tell a story within each song, but also wanted them to “Pop” and be noticeable … to stand out from the stories around it.  Hence the title Magazines or Novel.   He also claimed to have written over 100 songs for this album, having torn up the first 50 because he found them to be too shallow.  He stated those first songs were written as an attempt to create a hit record, and not really focusing in on the message he wanted to portray.  So he tossed them aside, and went a little deeper to come up with a collection of stories.

Grammer is an American singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles, CA.  His debut album was released in 2011 and spawned the hit single Keep Your Head Up.  He started his career as a Street Performer in LA, and recalled that his biggest tip came from actor Alec Baldwin, whose daughter has loved his sound and pleaded with Dad to give him $100.  His all-time favorite album is from Lauryn Hill.

This weeks’ Sounds of Sunday song, Back Home, was written for all of Grammer’s friends and family members in Los Anegels.  He was home for the first time in three years, and was trying to fit back in to his old life, the old relationships.  Not forgetting where it was he came from.   During his interview, he also performed a fan favorite song titled Forever, which is hilarously about how long it takes women to get ready to go out.  Not kidding.  You’ll find a link to Grammers website here so you can hear it for yourself!

Sounds of Sunday song – Back Home:


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