Sounds of Sunday – Colbie Caillat


feature-album[1]The past decade we’ve seen the definition of Beauty begin to evolve towards acceptance of all.  It’s a powerful and emotional platform for beauty product companies who encourage us to find the beauty within each and every person, and to stop judging based on appearance.  An almost complete turn around for that world,  who is basically responsible for the body image problems young women have today.  We have a log way to go still has a society, but we are making definte strides towards teaching our young women to love themselves just as they are.

Colbie Caillat has written a song surrounding the theme of body acceptance titled simply Try.  Over the course of the video, Caillat sheds her makeup and hair products until at the end we see her natural state.  The video features a variety of women doing the same – and it shows that we don’t need all that makeup … all that hair product … all those fancy clothes .. to be comfortable in our own skins and to love ourselves exactly as we are.

Caillat got her start in music in 2007 with her hit song Bubbly.   Her father, Ken Caillat, co-produced Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album, so she was very familiar with the industry and realized at a young age she wanted to be a singer.  After a failed audition for the show American Idol, Caillat decided to take her songs to MySpace, where she quickly became the number-one unsigned singer in her genre.

Gypsy Heart Side A is Caillat’s fifth album, which launched this past June.  Try is the first single off the album.  For full details, visit Caillat’s website at

Here is this week’s Sounds of Sunday song, Try from Colbie Caillat:

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