Tarot I have this overwhelming sense that something is wrong … and I’ve been unable to sit still all afternoon.  Jim used to joke around that I was an empath and I just needed to chill!  He always was the best person to calm me down.

I grabbed the Tarot cards, if I was being empathetic to something going on in the world perhaps they’d give me an answer.

Well … if you don’t really believe in Tarot maybe this will change your mind.

The card at the top is What’s At Hand – IX of Swords – Self-doubt clouds your sense of purpose.  Don’t Lose Focus!

The card at the bottom left is Past Influences – Queen of Wands – Believe in yourself.  Answers arrive when you talk things through.  Write letter or make calls.  Punctuality really counts.

The card at the bottom center are things to Ponder – this is in reverse – VII of Wands – Don’t be indecisive.  Say what you feel and move on.  Situations are nowhere near resolution, you have to be patient.

The last card tells you What To Do – this is in reverse – III of Wands – Stop struggling!  Stay focused.  Ask questions and take the time to clearly define what you want.

Basically the cards are telling me to chill … that I need to learn to be patient.  That if I stay focused on my end goals all will be fine.


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