127135a[1]I’ve been struggling to find the right words to honor and remember Robin Williams – he took his own life yesterday after battling severe depression.  But I can’t find any words that might make sense of what happened.   I’m almost tempted not to post anything about it here, because I don’t want to be perceived as having jumped on the bandwagon of bloggers trying to garner attention from Robin’s death.  But I’m not trying to garner attention.  I’m just trying to sort it all out in my head.

You see .. I’ve been telling myself for years that if we can find a way to laugh at our situations then we can get through anything.  I’ve dug myself out of my own depression hanging on to laughter.  And the irony in that Robin Williams … who brought so much joy to the world .. could be in that deep dark place.  I don’t understand.  Fate is surely a fickle bitch .. and I have some soul searching to do about my own beliefs.

Robin’s death was a shocking loss for the world.  I hope that we can continue to remember him for the good times and the laughter.  And that his death will someone make us love one another a little stronger.  That we’ll remember to give out hugs a little more freely.  That we’ll take notice of the world around us a little more carefully.  And we’ll offer a shoulder to lean upon when a friend falters.

Nano Nano.

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