After a very much needed break to get my new house in order, I’m happy to announce the return of Urban Bohemian Hermit!  I am in the process of transferring over older blog posts, so you may see the timeline jumping around based on what I want to re-post .. and when.    You may see a new post pop up on my Facebook page that’s dated a year ago … but I’ll be adding new content as well so as not to confuse too many of you.

As I’ve said on the main page .. this blog is a contradiction.  It’s sporadic and is going to be at its best as I jump around .. back and forth .. in time.  It’s how my mind works and it’s how I write.  If you get lost .. try the category links in the library and menu instead of reading the main blog.

This time around I’ve added a link in the footer to – the “most kick ass radio station on the internet”!  If you’re in to modern rock and alternative – this is your place to tune in.  The DJ’s are full of personality – and I am happy to call them my friends.    Tomorrow I’ll be posting a new Sounds of Sunday blog … have to pick one of the MANY fantastic new songs coming out.  As always I’ll be on the lookout for new bands first!  Then new tunes from my favorites.

I don’t expect to have a large number of readers.   I don’t expect anyone at all to read what I write.  I just felt the need to get creative again and needed an outlet.  So I write for me.  If anyone else cares to follow along, I’m honored.


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