Toad TattlerTonight in a daring rescue Operation, special forces successfully evacuated Spot The Toad from the depths of the Willo Cottage Compound. Our sources say Spot was on the verge of becoming Soli Cats supper.

Spot the Toad has not been seen in weeks. Many thought he had succumbed to enemy fire, or was smooshed by the local lawn service. Those close to Spot had no idea he was on a secret reconnaissance mission to learn more about the two beasts living inside the Willo Cottage Compound.

Just tonight, Spot finally had an opportunity to make his move to get inside the Compound for a closer look at the “cat” and “dog” … and that is when things went horribly wrong!! It was only by chance that another Special Forces Operative, undercover inside the Compound, saw Spot The Toad cowering in the kitchen. There was a brief scuffle, but once Spot realized help was on the way, he quickly cooperated and leaped into the rescue device relieved that his nightmare would soon be over.

Transported swiftly by the Extraction Team, Spot The Toad is now resting comfortably, hidden beneath the leaves and fragrant flowers of the potted Hydrangea. Happily feasting on a buffet of Florida Love Bugs, and getting ready to call loved ones back home.

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