Sounds of Sunday – Honor By August


Just a quick Sounds of Sunday this morning.  I heard this group in the car on the drive home from work the other day.  Sirius radio often features new groups, and they ask you to call in and let them know what you think.  Well .. I was so tempted to call in and express my adoration of their song – it was called “Last Chance”.  And of course … the song is such a new release there is no official video for it.

So I went searching for a song that they DID have an official video for – and was so surprised to find this one that totally matches my Hug A Hermit post I put up just a few minutes ago.   There it is again … serendipity.

And the song is brilliant.  I have to share it with all of you today.  Here is “Somebody Real” by Honor By August.  I hope you love them as much as  I do.

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