Sounds of Sunday – Bruno Mars


Typically here at UBH I want to feature new bands.  Those guys just starting out and need whatever free PR they can get!  But I’ve not been surfing the airwaves as I usually do, so I am going to pick a song from my current FAVs playlist … someone a bit different than the rest when it comes to sound.

Bruno Mars is just fun.  His music is somewhat of a throwback in that he is very reminiscent of MoTown back in THE DAY .. you know … when music was just evolving to the sounds we all love today.  Big bands, mixed with risque topics.  Music that makes your toe tap and your heart sing.  You just want to get up and grab the nearest partner and dance the night away.  Bruno can also belt out the most ROMANTIC songs in such a sexy way.   He’s captured the game of seduction and wrapped it up in a nice little song.

The problem with picking Bruno for Sounds of Sunday is selecting which song to feature.  So I’m going to pick the one that reminds me most of that early 1950’s sound .. because it’s just fun to hear.  No ‘official’ video yet, so here is the Live Performance on the Today show of  “If I Knew” …

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