Meet Clara


Clara Sketch


I’m certainly no artist, but I tried to sketch out my main character on paper this morning.  To capture the vision I have in my head .. and of course it looks nothing like I envision Clara to be!  But it’s close … and perhaps that’s good enough for a start.  And an introduction to all of you.

Clara is somewhat of a tomboy, with a touch of Princess.  She loves to listen to Fairy Tales and stories of Magic, and it’s given her a very active imagination.  Her home is on the edge of a forest, and she uses that place as her backyard for adventures to worlds most adults will never see.

She has a mop of chestnut curly hair that sparkles in the sun with shimmering highlights of copper and bronze.  The curls have a mind of their own, and Clara’s mother has never been able to get control of them.  So cut chin length, the curls frame Clara’s face in all the right ways in a perfect mess.

Clara has a collection of outrageous and brightly colored converse shoes, mix-matched on some days, worn according to mood.  You’ll see her running around the garden in denim capris and a comfy tee most days, unless her mother forces her in to a dress for special occasions.  Never without a bag of necessary “tools” fitting her plans for the day.

Her laughter can be heard across the yard to the main house as she heads off on her latest voyage, a happy child.  She is at home in the midst of nature, and the animals and creatures she finds around her become best friends.  She’s smart, and has a lot of common sense.  But is often full of mischief that can land her in some sticky situations!

Today I picture Clara standing on the edge of the forest timidly looking in.  Peering through the trees at the Bluebells and Buttercups growing in the shadows of the trees.  They are what initially draw her in … curiosity becoming the best of her.  To pick a bunch of flowers to bring home to her mother.   And isn’t curiosity how most adventures begin?

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