Sounds of Sunday – FUN


Are you having FUN yet?  I most certainly am!  I keep hearing their song  “Some Nights” on the radio … it has a great upbeat march feel to it – perhaps the anthem song of this year.  But if I’m going to be honest – I really love their second song released off their album better.  My god this man has an amazing voice – gives me goose bumps.  Their videos are like mini-movies and really capture the story being told.

Carry On – Fun

Check out the band’s website:  FUN – you’ll get all the details you’ll need.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be around for awhile.  Music of today needs to evolve somehow – and you know me – the more unique the sound the better!


One thought on “Sounds of Sunday – FUN

  1. Jaci says:

    am I the only one who truly loves seeing men wear capri pants and suspenders?

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