Orlando Sentinel – Hunter’s Creek Neighborhood Blog
April 6, 2007


I’ve lived in the Mallard Cove community for ten years now – and we back onto the Conservation Zone. The Morning Glory Ivy once planted by a long ago neighbor has pretty much taken over the area, and many trees have fallen victim to the growth. Needless to say the area is ripe for all forms of wildlife, reptiles and birds.

I’m always wary about heading out back because I never know what type of critter I or my dog will run into next. But, my dog had a call from Mother Nature and it was inevitable that I head out onto the back porch. I walked out into the most horrific odor I’ve ever smelt in my life! My first thought was the propane tank on the pool next door had sprung a leak. Then the next thing I saw were snakes fleeing away from that area into my back yard. {I’m a girl – yes I squealed}

Not the best way to meet my newest neighbor, I headed over to report the leak, wondering all along if I should call 911. I still didn’t understand why the snakes were “fleeing” the scene – other than they must be much smarter than me! I ran into my neighbors son out front cleaning his car. When I mentioned the smell he just looked at me and started laughing. His mom was in the garage and explained she had just put down Snake Repellent. Come to think of it … the odor did remind me of a thousand moth balls all at once.

Sure … I do consider myself a Florida girl at this point in my life. But I have never experienced snake repellent before! I still feel somewhat like a fool today, and will now be extra careful when I head out back. The last thing I need is a group of slithering friends taking up residence in my yard. But, at least now I know a great way to chase them away!

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