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November 19, 2006

Whew! I just got the best workout! It’s called GROCERY SHOPPING FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER!

That’s right my friends … strength and cardio all in one trip to the grocery store. Your warm up – circling the parking lot looking for a space to protect your car while you shop. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping – your heart rate going – your pressure rising – nothing else will!

Next .. the race to the buggies. There’s only one left – and it’s between you and the woman with the 6 kids in tow. You may be fat and slow .. but by god she has those 6 little ones dragging her down! BEAT HER TO THE CART!

Work on speed and agility as you weave your way in and out of the isles. STRETCH up to that top shelf to reach that last can of cranberry sauce no one else has attempted to get.

Now … the TURKEY LIFT. Grab one in each hand – who needs to look at the tag – curl those puppies and take the one that gave you the most resistance. If he doesn’t want to come home with you that badly – he must be a fantastic tasting Tom.

Now … unload all those groceries you just put into those two carts onto the conveyer. Yep – repetitive circuit training. What goes in .. now comes out. Lift … reach … stretch. Lift … reach … stretch. And don’t forget that little extra cardio boost when you get ready to pay the clerk!

What fit into two carts now fits into three. Can you juggle all three yourself? FIND A WAY! Everyone knows the bag boys are too busy flirting with the cashiers to even think about helping you out to your car. Now another round of circuit training – lifting the bags from the cart to the trunk of your car. More reaching, lifting, stretching!

You zoom home as fast as you can … so things don’t melt. Keep that heart beat up – weave in and out of traffic. You’re home … it’s your final workout!! LIFT 20 POUNDS AT A TIME AND RUN THOSE BAGS INTO THE HOUSE!! Repeat this 20 times and I guarantee you will be exhausted and out of breath at the end! That heart beat should really be pumping now.

Your cool down period … take your time. Slowly take the groceries out of the bags and put them away.

Now you deserve a reward! How about a big bottle of Dasani Water? You did a great job!

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