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September 10, 2006


USA Today Weekend magazine has a fantastic article following the lives of children born on September 11, 2001. Tomorrow this group of children turn 5 years old – and the article focuses on the GOOD that happened that day. While not featured in this article – my nephew is also a child of 9/11. Born in Seattle, WA – in a hospital close to the Space Needle – a potential target of the attackers.

You can imagine the shock the family felt when we heard my sister had gone into labor just minutes after the first plane hit the Twin Towers. We felt – Oh no – not today! Our little baby can’t be born on this national day of horror and grief! But then we stepped back and thought of the wonders of life. Though so many people lost their lives that day – my family learned that the circle of life continues – and a new life brings to us new hope for a better tomorrow.

Today we attended my nephews birthday party. He’s your typical 5 year old kid – oblivious to everything surrounding him – except the giant pile of presents and the birthday cake awaiting him in the other room. On the day he was born – my sister decided to save the blood from his umbilical cord for the stem cells. Having worked for the Lions at the Eye Bank – she knew the importance of saving this – just in case.

A few years ago my Mother received a phone call from the organization holding the blood. They needed to find my sister and ask permission to use it – they had a match for someone else. My mother got in touch with my sister – and she said – OF COURSE – use it. A few months went by – and my sister was told that the stem cells had gone to save the life of a person suffering from leukemia.

So as my nephew sits surrounded by new toys – with a tummy full of cake and ice cream – we celebrate the wonders of life on September 11th. While we mourn with the rest of the nation those brave men and women who lost their lives to terrorism – we look down on his beautiful smiling face – and know that we MUST find our way toward PEACE. Not only for him – but for all the children in the world. Remember the good – along with the bad – so that we can all move forward together.

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